Have a shoe box full of old family photos? Preserve them, make prints for family members, or create a slide show with our photo scanning service. You now have an inexpensive solution to convert all of your photo prints to digital!  (See below for what’s acceptable for this volume scanning service.)

  • PERFECT FOR: This photo scanning service is used for funerals, reunions, genealogy, museums, collectors, legal uses, estates, and family or business archives.
  • AFFORDABLE:  Scan 1 or 10,000 images for as little as 27 cents each! (See price page for details.)
  • SAFE:  Your originals never leave our Annapolis, Maryland studio.  (Many other places send your photos to India!)
  • PERSONAL SERVICE: Deal with a small local business.  Don’t send your photo scanning project to some far away web-based company. Besides the hassle of packaging up everything, many of those places then bulk ship your pictures on to India or some other country!
  • BETTER THAN YOUR ORIGINAL:  Our photo scanning service enhances the color and brightness of all your photos.
  • OPTIONS:  Available options include full restoration, prints (highly recommended), custom slideshows, music videos, cloud storage, and more. Scan to DVD (included) or to an optional USB flash drive (recommended).
  • QUICK:  Normal service for volume photo scanning is usually 2-5 business days, but Rush Service – even same-day – is sometimes available (we’re a small business, so service times can change based on our availability).  

What we can accept for volume photo scanning:

  • Only unmounted square or rectangle photo prints sized from 2×2½” (wallet) to 8½×11″ are acceptable for volume photo scanning. These prints cannot have missing pieces, cannot be overly curled, and cannot have glue or anything sticky on them.
  • Photos that do not meet the above requirements may require custom scanning at a higher price.  (Also required for most items needing restoration.)
  • We cannot copy or scan copyrighted images without a signed release.
  • NOTE: Currently, we do not scan slides and negatives for this volume service. (We do offer individual slide and negative scanning by hand at a higher price, and only for very small quantities.)
Photo Scanning service in Annapolis, MD
Kodak / Alaris high-speed photo copying workstation.


Click Here to Schedule a Day and Time to bring your photos to us. (We’re a small business, so can’t always be available.)